Random Stew It seemed like a good idea at the time.


On The Bookshelf

About a month ago, I posted my reading list. Here's what is currently in my queue, in no particular order.

The last three books are remainders from my original list of a month ago. In the cases of Conceptual Blockbusting and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, these books are instructional texts and have regular exercises to perform.

Captivating, on the other hand, has concepts and thought patterns so foreign to me that it is requiring a great deal of pondering to digest; I always knew women were wired differently, but geez...


Current Reading List

Stack of booksI'm a big reader but right now I think my reach has temporarily exceeded my grasp. I normally read books serially, one book at a time. However, all of sudden, I'm reading multiple books at the same time.

My current list in no particular order:

Hmmm...after reviewing the list, I have sudden yen for an escapist novel.