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Dead End Jobs

A week or so ago, my partner and I were discussing dead end jobs -- the "would you like fries with that" variety. That led me to think about truly dead-end jobs.

  1. Drummer for Spinal Tap.
  2. A red-shirted ensign on the Starship Enterprise.
  3. Keyboard player for Grateful Dead.
  4. 27 year old musician.
  5. Imperial Stormtrooper.
  6. Sparring partner for Chuck Norris.
  7. Attorney for Jurassic Park.
  8. Backhoe operator at Chernobyl
  9. Driver for Princess Di.
  10. Female companion to a Kennedy.
  11. Bomb defusal expert.
  12. Rap artist or entourage member.
  13. African prostitute.
  14. Any job that causes you to piss off Bruce Willis, Arnold, Steven Seagal, or Charles Bronson.
  15. Bombmaker for a terrorist cell.
  16. Bomb delivery boy for a terrorist cell.
  17. Any U.S. President associated with Robert Todd Lincoln.

What others can you come up with? Which have completely offended you and demand that you write an atomic flame?

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  1. This is stupid!

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