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Customer Service….NOT! Part V

This post is part of a continuing saga of my travails with the local telco, trying to establish reliable and speedy DSL service. And, yes, I gave up on the counting in French.

Why does bailing wire and duct tape come to mind?My local service technician, Jeff, just reported that he had reprogrammed my DSL modem and asked that I check my connection speed now. I did so and am getting a download speed of 1.8 Mbps, nowhere near the 6Mbps I've been promised. During our conversation, Jeff mentioned that the DSL modem actually has a firewall built into it; something none of the other "technicians" ever mentioned. Even so, he admitted that I would not need to hook up a computer directly to the modem.

After the test, he said he would refer the ticket to a "field service technician" who should pick up the ticket by tomorrow afternoon and begin work on it. Supposedly he will trace the connection from the telco's central office to the connection box on my house. I asked if he would be informing me of what he found. Jeff said probably not, that if the field tech found a problem he would just fix it; and if he didn't find a problem, he would refer the ticket back to Jeff who would then call me again.

Is anyone out there taking bets on the outcome?

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