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Customer Service….NOT! Part Trois

The local telco technician called and left voice mail this morning. He said they had fixed my download speed problem and that I now had 6Mbps download speed. So, I checked it about 10 AM. At that time I was enjoying 4.8Mbps download speed via my cable broadband connection. I switched over to my new DSL connection.....and was immediately disappointed. Not only was the connection not 6Mbps, it was actually slower than last week. In fact, it's now only 0.8Mbps - 1.1Mbps. Of course, now I'm stuck with closed trouble ticket and no number to call except for an Indian call center. At my billing rate, the time I have spent on this problem is worth more money than I will save in the next year by switching to DSL. That is, if I decide to finalize the switch to DSL.

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